Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Ciao! Edie

I absolutley love Edie Sedgwick. For those who dont know her, she was the artist, Andy Warhols muse. She is the girl who inspired 60's fashion with her long chandellier earrings, fake eyelashes and short dresses. Sienna Miller recently played her in the hit film, 'Factory Girl' which is now one of my favourite films ever. Edies story is one of tragedy however when she falls into the drug scene and so many years later, takes an overdose. I recently brought a book on her, 'Edie: Girl on Fire', which features amazing photographs and quotes from Edie herself and the people who knew her.

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Katia said...

Oh, I saw factory girl with sienna miller.
It's such a sad story but really good.
It's just horrible how people treated her near the end of her life, I hated watching it, I felt so like just not good.

Sucks that she didn't get like.. any credit?